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Who we are?
    Golden Eagle PCB Equipments Co.,Ltd localed Beijing, the capital of China. Be working in photochemical etching for more than ten years, we advance by special experience and continual reseach works. We can supply whole processing equipments and support with whole processes technique training.
    In the past ten years, we sold variety of etching machines to USA, Australia, Japan and many other countrys. Customers extend to enterprise, government, army and research department. Application Area cover electronics, computer, medical, aerospace and so on. And gains much praise of customers with our heart and soul service.
    Thanks you very much for the old customers supports. And hopes more new customers can choose us. Let's cooperate and strengthen each other to developing faster.

What we can do?
We have two factory, Service including:
1. GE Etching Machines factory:
Photochemical etching equipments
·Surface Pretreating machine
·Resist Coating machine
·Drying machine
·Developing machine
·Exposure machine
·Photochemical Etching machine
·Resist Stripping machine
·Surface finishing machine
·PCB Equipments (Printed Circuit Borad)
·Precise Etching Machine
·Nameplates& Metal crafts (Metal Signs, business cards, Metal crafts)
·Mold& Dies Etching Machine (Cutting& Stamping dies)
·Huge Etching Machine (Etched Decoration plate, Elevator board)
·Reel Etching Machine (Reel to reel etching)
·Laboratory Equipments (Etching equipments for Research& teaching)
·Surface finishing (Plating, Coating, Electrophoresis, Electroforming)

2. Kinsun-tech Metalworks manufacture factory:
Photochemical etched metal parts
Precision etching works:
·Printed Circuit Board(PCB)
·Circuit lead frames
·TV shadow masks, Grids, shims
·Washers, sieves, meshes
·Surface mount paste screens(SMT screen)
·Optical attenuators, choppers, encoder disks
·Cutting& Stamping dies
Decoration Etching works:
·Metal crafts
·Signs, plaques, nameplates, Etched board
·Stencils, gobos
·Decorative ornaments, Etched Jewelry
Many others

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