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Dies Etching Machine
Exposure machine

·Single Exposure machine

Exposure size: 900*900;
Used to precision exposing and screen printing exposure works.

Cutting-Dies Etching

·Cutting-Dies Etching machine

Etching size: 500*600mm;
photoengraving machines for Steel or high-carbon steel plate mold pretreating etching.

Stamping-Dies Etching

·Stamping-Dies Etching machine

Etching size: 500*600mm;
Stamping-Dies Etching machine is special for stamping mold or hot stamping die.

CNC Engraving machine

·Die CNC Engraving machine

Working size: 500*600mm;
CNC engraving mahine for mold& die Knife sharpening engraving works.

Mould/Dies surface Finishing

·Mould/Dies surface Finishing line

Treating size: 400*600mm;
Plating metal alloy on the Dies surface to increasing abrasion resistant and unoxidizable.

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