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Chemical milling technique process

Etching machine list
·Precise Etching samples
·Etching Processes
·Dry film laminator
·Precision Exposure Machine
·Developing machine
·Baking line
·Horizontal Etching machine
·Vertical Etching machine
·Thin plate etching machine
·Auto chemical milling line
·Resist Stripper
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Processing Equipments Introduce Notice
Degreasing Manual - -
Electro-degreasing Lab or little quantity 400*600mm*2PCS/5min
Washing machine Big quantity use width 650mm, 0 to 6m/min
Resist coating Screen printing table Manual 400*300mm/15s
Dry film laminator mass use width 600mm, 0 to 8m/min
Drying Baking Oven Lab or batch use A4,1000-1500PCS/8h
Baking line mass use width 650mm, 0 to 6m/min
*Exposing B8565 Double precision exposure machine Approximative parallel light; Averages 85% 850*650mm/20s
Developing Manual - -
XY650 double-surafce Developing machine Big quantity use 0 to 5m/ min
*Etching JM650 double Precision etching machine (two windows) Lab or little quantity Etching Area 650*2000mm, Transfer Speed 0 to 5m/min
JM12 Auto Photochemical etching line (Four windows) Processing: Enter-Etching - Activ e- Etching - Roll drying - Washing - Stripping - Pressure washing - Roll drying - Hot-wind - Out Etching Area 650*4000mm, Transfer Speed 0 to 5m/min
Vertical etching machine SMT or high precision 550*550mm/1 times
Thin plate etching machine For Super thin plates 0.02 to 0.1mm 400*1000mm, Speed 0 to 5m/min
Circular etching machine For cirque workpiece Order
Resist Stripping Manual - -
TM650 Double Stripping machine Lab or little quantity A4 1000-1500PCS/8h
Resist Stripping line Enter - Wetting - Stripping - Pressure washing - Roll drying - Hot-wind - Out Stripping Area 650*2000mm, Transfer Speed 0 to 5m/min
1, The basic equipments marked "*" to start, and you can choose other as your needs;
2, The machines above is for level or similar level workpieces; PLS inquire us if you need to do circular etching, multidimensional etching or abnormity etching.
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