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Photochemical Etching techniques

What is etching?

Photo Chemical Etching Processes:
1.Imaging film
2. Cleaning, degreasing
3. Apply dry film or liquid PHOTO RESIST (photographically resistant) to the metal sheet.
4. Expose the film via UV (Ultraviolet) light to transfer the piece part photographically to the previously treated sheet of metal.
5. Develop the metal sheet thereby exposing the piece part image.
6. The removal of unwanted metal by controlled acid attack.
7. Rinse and strip the photographically resistant film from the sheet.
8. Required forming and finishing operations.

Photochemical etched metal parts:
Precision etching works:
·Printed Circuit Board(PCB)
·Circuit lead frames
·TV shadow masks, Grids, shims
·Washers, sieves, meshes
·Surface mount paste screens(SMT screen)
·Optical attenuators, choppers, encoder disks
·Cutting& Stamping dies
Decoration Etching works:
·Metal crafts
·Signs, plaques, nameplates, Etched board
·Stencils gobos
·Decorative ornaments, Etched Jewelry
Many others

The excellence of metal etching:
  • The designs can be simple or complex
  • They are flat.
  • No burrs or stresses are involved
  • No work hardened edges
  • Material thickness between 0.02 and 2.00
  • No die wear and simplicity of die storage
  • Tolerances can precise to +/-0.005mm depending on thickness of material.
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