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liquid Photosensitive(photo imageable) etching resist ink

materials list
·Photosensitive Ink
·Copper Antique Solution
·Titanium Remove Solution
·Electrophoresis Paint
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Photosensitive etching resist ink
Technique information of etching resist
Name ERL-1 photoresist
Color Blue
Viscosity(VT-04E,No.3) 12-14PS, 60-100S
Screen mesh 100-250mesh
Coating thickness 0.03 to 0.05mm
Adhesion 100/100
Dry 75±5℃,5-10min
UV exposing energy 100-200mj/cm2, level 7-9
Film hardness after exposure 2H
Resolution +/-0.02mm
Developing 3% Sodium carbonate at 30℃,
2kg/cm2 pressure
Stripping 5% Caustic sodium, >50℃, 2-3min
Packing 1kg/can or 5kg/can
Shelf life in 10 to 25℃ 12 Months
Mejor features Able to resist acid etching solution,
and Cu,Pb/Sn, Ni/Au plating solution

liquid Photosensitive(photo imageable) etching resist ink used to be photo etching resist(mask).

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