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Reel-to-reel Etching Processes

Reel Equipments list
·Reel Etching Processes
·Reel Resist laminator
·Reel Screen-printing
·Reel Exposure machine
·Reel Etching machine
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Processing Equipments Introduction Notice
Degreasing Reel Washing machine Chemical degreasing width 650mm, 0 to 6m/min
Resist coating Reel Screen-printing &drying machine Normal etching width 25 to 500mm, 0 to 3m/min
Reel Photoresist laminator Precision etching width25 to 600 mm, 0 to 8m/min
*Exposing Reel Double precision exposure machine Approximative parallel light; Light ray Averages 85% width 25 to 500mm, 0 to 3m/min
Developing Reel double-surafce Developing machine Developing& drying line width 25 to 650mm, 0 to 6m/min
*Etching Reel Auto Photochemical etching machine Processing: Enter - Etching - Active - Etching - Roll drying - Washing - Stripping - Pressure washing - Roll drying - Hot-wind drying - Out Working Area (25 to 650)*8000mm, Transfer Speed 0 to 6m/min
You can choose screen printing maskes and etching for normal etching( without high tolerance request); Or choose reel laminator for dry film, then exposing and etching for precision etching works.
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